Common Roof Problems

Leaky Roof

There can be many causes of a leaky roof. Regardless of the cause, it is critical to find the source as quickly as possible and secure the home from further damage. Shingles that are no longer secure and lift in the wind can be a common cause of intermittent leaking. Flashing around vents and in roof valleys that becomes compromised is another source of leaks. If you have a leaky roof, call us for a free, no obligation inspection. If its an emergency, we offer 24 hour emergency service to secure your home from damage.


Curling Shingles

Asphalt shingles are meant to lie flat to protect the roof sheathing underneath. When shingles curl it becomes more than an aesthetic problem, it puts your roof sheathing at risk by exposure to the elements. Curling shingles may result from one or more of the following problems: Improper installation methods, improper attic ventilation or manufacture defects in the shingles themselves. Hall Roofing and Construction will inspect your roof free of charge to assist you in determining the root cause behind your curling shingles.


Decayed Fascia And Roofing

Gutters that are not kept free from debris can no longer perform properly. Instead of providing a directed flow of water away from your home, clogged gutters can create standing water that becomes a source of mold, mildew and decay. Debris from trees that remains in contact with the roofing itself can also be a source of mildew and decay of your shingles.


Flat Roofs: Pooling Water & Blisters

Improper installation is the number one cause of blisters and pooling water on flat roofs. If you want your flat roof done right the first time, call Hall Roofing and Construction. We back all our work with a 5 year workmanship guarantee.


Overheated Attics

The attic ventilation and insulation of your home are both integral parts of your roofing system. The hot summers of Austin, TX can easily create overheated attic space if the ventilation system isn’t installed and maintained properly. Overheated attics can cause premature deterioration of your roofing materials and also decrease the efficiency of your home air conditioning system. Hall Roofing and Construction’s free roof inspections include free inspection of your attic ventilation and insulation to be sure that the proper airflow is taking place. Hall Roofing and Construction is a full-service roofing contractor. Austin, TX property owners trust us to deliver according to our slogan:



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