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Once the storm has passed, it’s time to call a roofing contractor. Austin, TX property owners understand the roof damage that can result from hail and wind. Storms aren’t the only reason for having your roof inspected. Real estate agents, lenders and new homeowners often request our services as well. We have experienced inspectors for all types of roofing:


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Free Roof Inspection of Aging Roofs

You don’t need a storm to have roof damage. Ask any roofing contractor. Texas roofs experience damage from plenty of other sources: Improper ventilation, tree limbs, improper installation or maintenance. Hall Roofing and Construction will be happy to provide a free roof inspection at any time, for any reason. These are some of problems our expert inspectors look for during a standard roof inspection:

  • Blisters (wear due to improper ventilation)
  • Rotted fascia or soffit
  • Tree limbs near or on the roof surface
  • Rotted trees near the roof that could cause damage
  • Skylight weatherproofing integrity
  • Integrity of pipe jacks and flashing
  • Chimney/Cricket deterioration
  • Attic ventilation issues
  • Rusted or deteriorated vents
  • Code compliance
  • Proper material for the pitch of the roof
  • Proper installation methods
  • Ponding on flat roofs


Free Roof Inspection After A Storm

Storm damage may or may not be visible; the only way to know the full extent of the damage is to do a personal inspection of the roof. We provide this service free of charge, with no obligation. We’ll even work directly with your insurance agent or claims adjuster to make sure that nothing gets missed. Here are just some of the things our inspectors will be looking for during their detailed inspection following a storm:

  • Debris on roof or in the gutters
  • Physical damage to gutters, fascia, soffits and vents
  • Shingle damage such as granular loss, missing or lifted tabs
  • Damaged or dented metal roofing
  • Interior ceiling inspection for water stains due to leaking