The service was wonderful. I would say hire them the quality of their work is what made me go with them.

Diann Angus

We had a large hail storm in our neighborhood. Many homes needed to have their roofs replaced. Hall Roofing and Construction was highly recommended to us and we hired them. They were excellent in every way.. We would recommend them. They are A1 all the way.. The finished look even looks better than other roofs.

JoAnn Ellerbrock

They were responsive. Job managers were on site over-seeing the job often. Sometimes both were here at the same time. Managers even helped clean up. The job was completed from start to finish in one day. I would highly recommend Hall Roofing

Deborah Green

He and his crew got the work done in a timely manner without skimping on quality. Erik Hall is a man of integrity and I can't say that about very many people. I would use him again and recommend others do too

Rose McCorkle

Well planned. Well supervised. Finished in one day. Very professional.

Nancy Fronczak

Most professional of the roofers we considered, he knows the roofing business and we liked that his was a local company and we were dealing directly with the owner. Once the insurance company details were taken care of, Erik scheduled the work and a crew of four showed up at 7:00 AM on the appointed day. By 7:15 they were on the roof removing the old shingles. Although they placed tarps all around the house, they carried all the removed shingles to the driveway side and tossed them directly into a trailer so the mess was minimal. Erik came by several times during the day to check on the progress and make certain everything was done as agreed and we were satisfied. At the end of the day the new roof was completed and our yard completely cleaned up including putting all the potted plants back on the front and rear patios where they were in the morning. I appreciated that Erik was there for the cleaning up to again insure that we were satisfied and then he personally came back the following morning to run the magnetic roller around the yard a second time to pick up any nails that may have been missed. To sum it up, the entire experience with Hall Roofing and Construction was pleasant from start to finish. Erik took care of everything including necessary permits, used top quality materials, hand nailed as we wanted rather than using a nail gun, all on time and on budget with no surprises. Great job and I would recommend Erik highly.

John Bartlett